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Wind Creek State Park

     Wind Creek State Park is located on Lake Martin, just outside of Alexander City. Wind Creek offers 669 campsites and many of them are located right on the waters edge! If you have a boat, or canoe you can pull it right up to your campsite in the evening. I do not know much about fishing at Lake Martin, although it is one of the more populated state parks due to fisherman so there must be some secret. I suggest calling them and making reservations because they fill up all 669 campsites often. Wind Creek offers swimming, pavilions for picnics, boat rentals, a camp store, a marina, boat launching facilities, playgrounds, hiking, and bathhouses for showering. Wind Creek is one of the few state parks that have piers spread out around the park. Most state parks have maybe one "main" pier at their marina, but Wind Creek has many small piers as well as the "main" pier at the marina. Piers offer great places for you or your children to fish if you do not own some type of watercraft. If you enjoy leisure camping, especially in a travel trailer, or motorhome, I would recommend coming here as well as Lakepoint, Lake Guntersville, and maybe Joe Wheeler. Gulf State Park would be another good consideration, I have visited the state park while staying somewhere else in Gulf Shores, it is very nice also.

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