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GPS Route and Waypoint Data

     The following waypoints are for remote access and public use. Using the Waypoint+ program, you can upload the data to a Garmin GPS for reference and back-tracking. After logging a trip and marking prominant landmarks, I download the data from my Garmin GPS 12xl to archive for future use. When I plan to repeat the trip, I upload the corresponding data to better predict timing and location information.

     I have found it very useful for canoeing so that I can arrive at my planned destination at the time I desire. With my route already uploaded or logged into my GPS, I can determine distance and estimated time of arrival. If I am approaching too fast, I can take time to fish or stop and take photographs, etc.. or, if it is getting late, I will know that I need to speed up to make it to the destination by sunset.

  • Sipsey Fork Waypoints and Route

    The following items are needed to use this data: