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Backpacking And Camping Food Ideas


      rice (instant, boil-in-bag or pre-packaged such as Lipton)
      noodles (pre-packaged and pre-flavored like Lipton)
      macaroni and cheese (use powdered milk if you must have milk)
      hamburger helper
      potatoes (potatoes are heavy so I use them as soon as possible such as the first night)

      peanuts (monounsaturated fat, very good source of protein)
      summer sausage (saturated fat)
      beef jerky (saturated fat)
      tinned meats (saturated fat, such as Spam)
      dehydrated chicken (can be bought at the store or dehydrated at home)

    Other ideas:
      powdered soup mixes
      powdered mashed potatoes
      granola bars
      grits (ground up corn offers a vegatable source)

    Spices And Herbs:
      basil (use with fish, red-meats, tomato based soups and sauces)
      chives (use with fish and potatoes)
      majoram (use with pork, tinned meats)
      oregano (use with tomato based soups and sauces)
      parsley (use with fish, red-meats, soups, potatoes)
      rosemary (use with fish, red-meats, white-meats)
      sage (use with sausages and pork)
      savory (a delicate form of sage)
      tarragon (use with fish and white-meats)
      thyme (use with fish, red-meats, white-meats)
      salt (good use after physical exertion but can also cause dehydration)
      onion powder and garlic powder
      dehydrated mushrooms (adds flavor to meals)

    I usually drink filtered water but also use the following:
    powdered Gatorade
    (I use a 1 quart Nalgene bottle and carry 1 quart packages, great if you use purifing tablets)
    powdered Crystal Light (great if you use purifing tablets)

     In really cold weather I carry chocolate candy bars to eat as a snack before bedtime. An energy source such as this will give your body fuel during the night and eliminate you from waking up cold! If you get hyperactive from sugar this would not be a great idea before bedtime but most people are exhausted after a hard day backpacking and it doesn't affect them.