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Highlands, North Carolina

     Highlands, North Carolina is one of the neatest places in the Southeast. Highlands is a tourist town with a "Main Street" full of small shops and nice restaurants. There are also plenty of nice motels which take reservations long in advance.

     Mt. Satulah Summit, which is right outside Highlands, has an elevation of 4543'. From the top of Mt. Satulah you can see other mountains and rolling hills. The best view from Mt. Satulah is Whiteface, a mountain that is mostly white rock that does not support vegetation. Whiteface is widely known for its rare species of falcon which make their nest atop its summit. Many wildlife enthusiast visit Mt. Satulah annually to view these rare falcons.

     Highlands have many campgrounds which are very nice and secluded. The campers are usually there for the hiking and landscape, and the people in the hotels usually stay inside the town. Cliffside Lake Recreation Area, is the best place for hikers around highlands, other than Mt. Satulah. Cliffside offers many hiking trails and backcountry trails. Cliffside also has trout fishing, swimming, picnic areas and pavilions, and scenic outlooks.