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Roland Cooper State Park
(William Dannly Reservoir)

     Roland Cooper State Park is located outside of a town called Camden, a small town in south Alabama. The Park has cabins, 18 hole golf course utilizing the beauty of the reservoir, recreational vehicle hookups, hiking trails, a playground for children, a wilderness camping area located on the water, two boat ramps, a bathhouse and laundry area, and a camp store.

     Roland Cooper is a best known by fisherman in the southeast, although there are a variety of activities especially if you have a boat. The area which the Park is located is called "Miller's Ferry," although I do not know why. The Miller's Ferry portion of the Dannly Reservoir is a beautiful area, the lake gets really wide in sections although you can always find secluded creeks which may go back for miles. In these small creeks you can see a variety of wildlife which usually will not be seen on the main river channel. The wildlife at Miller's Ferry consists of Canadian Geese, Assorted Ducks, Cranes (water birds), Turtles, Beavers, Otters, Snakes, Deer, Squirrels, and lots of Alligators.

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